I’m old.

Or so some say.

I don’t feel old. Actually, I feel like an adult. Comfortably, confidently, an adult. The journey to this point has certainly been long, sometimes convoluted, often confusing and sometimes agonizing.

Two years ago, I began the online part of my journey. Having raised four children through some super challenging teen years, I wanted to share the things I had learned from doing some things right and others wrong. I’ve got a special place in my heart for single moms trying to raise kids on their own – add in the turbulent teen years, and life often can feel overwhelming. I met some amazing moms, and dads, and found my voice.

All while plodding forward on my often private journey toward a career I was often reticent to share. So I built a super successful social media presence. Tens of thousands of folks followed me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I so enjoyed those days of spending hours online learning and interacting. And, sometimes, simply surfing.

Therein was the foundation for my refocusing efforts over the last few weeks. I realized that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. Whew! That’s tough to admit out loud – some won’t understand, including some in my own family. But I’m not willing to sabotage my efforts by committing to online interaction that takes many hours of my time. I spent a few weeks really paying attention to how many hours I spent composing and scheduling tweets, responding to email and social media inquiries and requests for coaching or simply information. I discovered that while what I had built was marvelously successful, it did not leave adequate time and energy to focus on completing my master’s degree and building toward medical school.

So I deleted.

Facebook pages and nearly a thousand loyal followers and friends. Twitter accounts with tens of thousands of highly engaged followers. It hurt. It really did. I had worked hard to build what I had, and acting on my firm resolve to put blinders on and pursue the goal I believe is right for me was tough!

Now, I can breathe. This is right, for me, for now. I have shown myself that I can build a super successful online business, that I can write a book and get it sold, and that I can build amazing connections with amazing people and small business leaders. And, that I can pull back from that success and fulfill the dream that has been waiting for so long.

This site will change greatly. No longer will my focus be on parenting. Instead, I will write of the exciting journey toward the goal I’ve embraced. If you’re twenty-something you may not find much here of interest. If, however, you’re a woman who is contemplating returning to school, someone who refuses to give up on a dream, or a single parent with big dreams, you may find some inspiration here.

Welcome to the new present. I embrace it!


About RJ

I'm passionate about HOPE! As a first year medical student, I spend most of my time studying like mad. Somehow I still find time to build a successful entrepreneurial venture that is helping to change lives. I also keep up with writing, make a few videos here and there, and hold as extra precious the time spent with friends and family. I'm thrilled to work with you as you create your own abundant health, wealth, and happiness.
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2 Responses to Refocus

  1. Denny Coates says:

    From a distance, you seemed to be spread pretty thin. If you want to be a physician, you definitely can. It’s a wonderful goal! The key is focus, and hard work. Speaking of focus, you probably don’t need this blog, either.

    • RJ says:

      Thanks for your support Denny! You’re right, I don’t need this blog and will write sparingly. Just not quite ready to give it up entirely. I have a feeling that the entries will be few and far between though!

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