Life is tough. Sometimes its even messy. No matter who you are or what brings you to this point, who you are is enough, and is deserving of so much more than you can imagine! That’s what this site is all about: bringing you HOPE and helping to create abundance for and with YOU.

My passion is to help you embrace your own success and abundance in every area of your life! I boldly share HOPE as you work to pursue your own BIG DREAM. And as a successful entrepreneur, I work tirelessly to bring you tangible tools you can use right now to take back your own financial life.

No matter who you are or what brings you to this point, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!

The HOPE Coach

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Unemployment Runs Out

I have a whole lot of friends who recently used up all their unemployment benefits. Yikes! That buffer that’s supposed to mean you can (just barely) keep surviving even if your employment ended doesn’t last forever. And when it ends, it can be rather terrifying. Will I lose the house? Can I afford groceries this week? How can I pay for child care so I can go out there and look for another job? No one is hiring! And it seems there is an endless supply of those who will take your money, promising the sun moon and stars. Ummm … Continue reading

How To Stay In Balance By Giving Back

No matter how busy you are, it is important to find ways to stay in balance by giving back. How is your balance? Continue reading

Old Doc In Progress: the 14 day countdown

Have you ever wanted something really really badly, but not been sure if the dream was even possible? I was a high school dropout. Then I was a college dropout. In my mid-40s I realized that I simply could not shake the dream I’d had since I was a child of becoming a doctor. And taking a close look at my life, I got just plain mad. Mad that I had accomplished little career-wise. Sure, I’d learned a ton about life and about parenting and about growing up in a dysfunctional family and finding freedom. But my only academic foundation for pre-medical studies consisted … Continue reading

Top Ten Most Influential Mompreneurs by voiceBoks

I never expected to be included in the Top Ten Most Influential Mompreneurs of 2013 by voiceBoks. Here’s the thing. I do what I do because I’m passionate about HOPE. HOPE for parents of teens, who often feel hopeless, lost, alone, and unheard. HOPE for single parents, who frequently flounder as they do the best they can and often feel its not enough. HOPE for those with dreams who choose to pursue them, and those who haven’t quite gotten the courage to go after what they dream of yet. Twenty years ago, I didn’t have any hope at all. A … Continue reading

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